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Archive for the ‘Family Matters’ Category

What About Mini Homestead… In a Trailer Park?

Posted by Shannon L. Buck on June 2, 2011

Trailer Park Forest Grove, Saskatoon

Image via Wikipedia

After the move, I will no longer be living in a trailer park… though a trailer is the type of main dwelling that is on my sisters’ property. But I am planning to leave the blog up, with an easy to access link to a new blog when it is started. At least for a while.

Mini Homestead… In a Trailer Park chronicles my adventures while starting my journey.

The new blog will chronicle my adventures while living with my sister. She has a bit more available space to work with.

I will keep you all updated.




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Mini Homestead in a Trailer Park for 1/1/2010

Posted by Shannon L. Buck on January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!!! I have ll of my goals written out and posted, for me to work on throughout the year.

I hope you are al doing well.

I have been clearing out some of my clutter. My nieces and nephews are mighty happy with some very special items that I have handed down to them, and my best friends boyfriend is enjoying ,y hand-me down wizards.

We are supposed to be having 1 or more feet of snow this weekend here in Maine. So far, it has only been a few inches. Zowie is gone for the weekend. Some of the shoveling will have to wait until she gets back.

The holidays were nice, filled with friends and family, and few gifts. We gave home-baked goods and homemade candles as gifts. I’m thinking this will be a yearly tradition.

I hope you are all doing well.


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Mini Homestead Happenings for 12/30/2009

Posted by Shannon L. Buck on December 30, 2009

Snow. We had a storm the other night. I didn’t even know it. We lost he power while we slept, but i was back on before I woke. I shoveled the porch yesterday, came back in and couldn’t breath. Asthma attacks are no fun.

Last night, Zowie tried to shovel, but it was too cold. She finished today. My stepdad plowed last night.

The holiday celebrations are over, and we are settling back into our normal routine.

Zowie was accepted into three universities for the fall semester next year. We are so excited.


2009 is on its’ way out, and 2010 is right around the corner. I always take the first day of the new year off to reflect on the previous year, figure out what I want to accomplish in the new year and create my goals list. I will post career related goals here.

What are your homesteading goals for 2010? How do you intend to go about accomplishing these goals? Feel free to let us know in the comments of this post, or post them on your own blog. You can even post a link to your blog post here if you would like.

Be sure to post these goals in a prominent place in your home, so that you can see them every day. This will help to keep you motivated to accomplish the goals throughout the year.

Happy New Year!


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Spent Time With Mom

Posted by Shannon L. Buck on December 1, 2009

Mom picked me up this morning. We went to the bank, then out to the cemetery. I lover the ride out there, seeing all of the old farm houses and barns. All the fields are cleared now. Mom always tells me about when she was growing up living on the farm and at other places. She shows me where family used to live, and the old families.

She had made a few holiday arrangements and we placed them on the plot. Her parents and grandparent, and aunt and uncle are buried there, as well as her uncle Albert who was killed during the war. My brother was given his first name.

Went to the grocery store then out to moms. She already is completely decorated for the holidays. She has so much stuff and it always looks neat and tidy. She has a huge tree, and has kept the things that my siblings and I made when we were kids, and as adults. It is all very homey.

It was a good day.


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Mini Homestead Happenings 11/29/2009

Posted by Shannon L. Buck on November 29, 2009

I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving. While my daughters and I do not celebrate the old Thanksgiving, we do celebrate all that we are thankful for: Food, shelter, warmth, family and friends.

We have spent some time preparing for winter. We cleaned out much of the junk from under the trailer, left by previous owners, cleaned up the yard, banked the trailer and closed up windows.

Oil has been delivered, and we have a little food stocked. Not a lot, as funds have been limited this year. But enough to feed us a couple of weeks.

Moxie kitty has gone home to her mama. My friend was able to procure a small apartment, and she brought Moxie home to it last week. We miss Moxie, here, but she is safe and well cared for.

Our cats have their winter coats, and they are settled in for the winter. The two who go out during good weather, but do not like winter.

Zowie needs boots, and we will get them next month. We are all set with coats and such. I purchased us gloves last month.

The furnace runs at 65* during the day, 70* in the evening for showers and such, and at about 55* at night. This will take place all winter, and we will turn the furnace off as soon as we can next spring.

Zowie is doing just fine in school, and has her college applications and essays in. We are hoping for a good school. She wants to major in Psychology, and eventually work with adolescents.

I am working at my writing career, and building it up nicely.

How do homesteaders prepare for winter? I am interested in learning about all of the necessities involved. I will add this information to my homestead notebook for future reference.

Warmest Wishes,


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My Daughter is Learning

Posted by Shannon L. Buck on November 15, 2009

Skye just turned 20. She has been living up state for more than a year go, and has been seeing her boyfriend for 5 months. She has been living with him, his sister and their parents.

I went to visit a couple of weeks ago, purely for the weekend. I stayed in Skye and Kevin’s room, and they stayed on the futon in the livingroom.

This is the first time that I have visited her up state, and I am happy that I did. My mind is set at ease. Skye helps out with household tasks, helps Kevin’s sister with her homework, and has even learned some valuable skills.

For instance, she now knows hoe to grind and freeze moose meat. And, she helps with stacking wood and whatnot. She also works seasonally at a hunting lodge.

I am very proud of her.


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Fort Kent, Maine

Posted by Shannon L. Buck on November 5, 2009

I am going to Fort Kent this weekend to visit my daughter Skye. We have people watching our home while we are away, so they can take care of our animals. (Zowie is going with friends)

Skye turned 20 this past Tuesday, and she and I are going to bake a cake together and celebrate with some of her friends and her boyfriends family.


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Mini Homestead Happenings for 10/11/2009

Posted by Shannon L. Buck on October 11, 2009

It has been a while since I posted, but I have not forgotten about this blog.

First, I messed up with my depression meds and had to wait for a new doctor appointment. This put a damper on my bubbly, happy self and I neglected a lot of things. I have gotten straight on my meds again, and am doing much better.

I have also begun a freelance writing career, which takes a lot of time. I rarely have time for myself, but it is a happy thing. I love to write!

Zowie is in her senior year of high school. This is after many years of homeschooling. The principal accepted everything and she is preparing for college. Zowie spent 6 weeks on the university campus for Upward Bound this past summer, a college prep program, with her best friend. I am taking them both on college tours in a couple of weeks. We will be spending the weekend in Portland for this.

I will be in Salem, Massachusetts for Halloween this year with friends. Zowie and her cousin Zachary are staying here and having a horror movie marathon.

The weekend after that trip, I am going to Fort Kent to visit my daughter Skye. We are both excited about this. This is right after she turns 20.

I will be quite busy at these times.


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Mini Homestead Happenings for 7/31/2009

Posted by Shannon L. Buck on July 31, 2009

I took a mini vacation. You can read about it over at The Low-Income Way of Life.

Last Saturday was my birthday. Skye (my daughter living away from home), Berube, Glen and Brittany all went in together to get me a gift: Two rolling pin decors for my apple-themed kitchen, both with apples painted on them. None of these young adults have any extra money to spend, thought the two boys are working, but they thought enough about me to pick me up something.

My daughter Zowie took me to see Harry Potter 6, which I enjoyed. The movie made me cry, but we had a great time. My sister and nephew went with us.

My sister bought me a cake on my birthday, and she and my nephew came over to watch a couple of documentaries with us, The Secret and A Haunting in Connecticut.

Yesterday was Zowie’s last day at Upward Bound. She soon starts her senior year.


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Mini Homestead Happenings for 7/15/2009

Posted by Shannon L. Buck on July 15, 2009

I asked Zowie if she purchased the Suffolk tee shirt that she was wanting. She said no, but that she had purchased three tee-shirts for $10.00 while in Boston. Not bad.

Big day:

Super Wal*Mart opens in Bangor, and Harry Potter begins playing. I am waiting to see Harry Potter with Zowie. She is taking me for my birthday.

Big weekend:

Zowie and her friends Hanna and Schmo will be meeting me here, as will my daughter Skye and her boyfriend. We are all going up to a friends camp for the weekend where there will be four other adults and five children. We always have a great time while there. The camp is on a lake.

Hope you are all having a nice week!


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