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Wood Stove Vs. Pellet Stove: That is the Question

Posted by Shannon L. Buck on December 9, 2008

Okay, so I will need to make a choice at some point. I do not know a whole heck of a lot about how wood and pellet stoves work. I was bound and determined that I would be having a wood stove when I move onto some land of my own, but then I start hearing about pellet stoves.

A friend got a pellet stove, and he was telling me that you need these little fans (that run on electricity) to get the warm air moving around. But I do not think that I am even going to be having electricity.

Which would make the ideal choice a woodstove. Right?

However, What if I only have one room? You know, I only need one room with a small kitchen area and a bed area, really. Maybe a couple of rocking chairs.

So, would a pellet stove work in that instance? Maybe I wouldn’t need the fans if I only had one room.

Also, does any other component of a pellet stove use electricity?

Now, I think that a wood stove would be a good choice for another reason: What if I want to start the fire with something other than wood? Some sort of fire starter? I have seen where people use shredded paper, pine cones and newsprint. This would help to prevent waste, but could you do this in a pellet stove?

Also, I assume that you can only burn pellets in a pellet stove. What if pellets were not available?

I know that, in an emergency, you could realistically burn tightly woven hay or something in a wood stove. I do not ever intend to have such an emergency, but you never can tell when you may have to burn something other than wood.

And, if I had to, what else could realistically be burned in a wood stove?

Hmmm…I have more research to do on these things before I move, obviously but , if anyone has answers for me, I sure would like to hear them.



7 Responses to “Wood Stove Vs. Pellet Stove: That is the Question”

  1. Shannon said

    Hi. I just came across your site. I like your thinking!

    We have a wood stove and it is approved for trailers. You know I was thinking about this the other day…. What would happen if we ran out of wood? Couldn’t I go outside and burn horse chips? You know like the pioneers did when they burned buffalo. Would it smell?

    As for the pellet stove doesn’t it use an auger to move the pellets down? That would require electricity or solar. I’m sorry I really haven’t looked into them. We have two wood stoves in our house. Yep we like it warm. 😀

    My blog is private but email me and I’ll give you access. 🙂


  2. cobbdavidm said

    New wood stoves also have electric fans. They are not needed for correct operation but just make the heat circulate a little better. Pellets are avalible at most big name stores such as TSC. Southern States (here anyways) also carries them. Chips can be burned and will not stink as long as they are dried out. Personally id prefer an older type wood stove so I can burn anything I need. Im fortunate that im able to get pallets free so id be cutting them up and burning them. Feel free to follow my blog. Seems this time of years its more about family than homesteads. Im new to that way of life and have yet to really get involved.


  3. Thank you both for readin my blog. I will be checking out both of your blogs today.

  4. Diane Hill said

    Hi….Came across your blog I too live in a trailer and am obsessed with homesteading The prospect of my own land”someday”may never come:So,I am planning to dig up alot of my lot and plant as much as I can this summer.I’m 59 yrs old and I’ve had a pellet stove in this trailer over 15 years.Yes it needs electric to run; I’m looking for a solar unit just to run my pellet stove.That’s one goal.Also, my overhead ceiling fans work great to push down the rising heat and distribute it around the house.Its below zero here in upstate NY today and I’m warm.I do keep thermostat run electric space heaters and kerosene heaters for backup.A bag of pellets costs about $5.50-6.00 right now.I use a bag a day or more if its really cold like today.If I ever move this place to land, I’d add a little extra room to my kitchen and put a wood burning cook stove for the winter and keep the pellet stove too.Pellets are pretty easy to use and the stove is safe. Good Luck!

  5. Thanks for the tips! We are having some very cold temperatures here in Maine as well.

  6. Tom said

    I live in NJ and have been using a pellet stove for 2 winters so far. Everything in a pellet stove requires electricity. The augers that move the pellets from the hopper into the burn pot, the exaust fan that blows out the gas/smoke, and the circulation/convection fan. This year pellets are in short supply and are getting to be very hard to find. Since I don’t live far enough northeast or far enough south where pellets are plentiful, I have to call ahead to all of the home stores before heading out. I have been known to go as far as 50 miles to purchase pellets. I don’t want to go through this next year so I hope to find a distributer who will sell me a pallet or two and ship it to me. I just wanted to tell my story. Good luck.

  7. Thank you for the heads up. You are not the first person to mention having difficulties finding pellets for the stoves. I think that I am leaning toward a cookstove, maybe with a woodstove back-up.

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