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Homemade Candles from Old Candle Remains

Posted by Shannon L. Buck on November 24, 2008

So yesterday Isaiah (my nephew), Zowie and I made candles. We are still working on them today.

We don’t actually know how to make candles, mind you. We had tons of candle ends, and used wax melts, that we needed to do something with. Plus we had all kinds of candle jars/holders. We decided to reuse these items to make holiday gifts.


leftovers from used candles

used wax melts

used candle jars/holders

wicking – I purchased mine from Joanne Fabric. They have the metal ends for easy handling. They are $2.99 per package.

metal cans from soups, etc. Washed and labels removed.


something to stir each cans contents in


*** This can be time consuming, but it is easy. Please do not let small children use sharp knives by themselves.

1. Before you begin, you will want to cut the used candles into chunks. Remove wicking (saving longer pieces or pieces with the metal to reuse for ‘new’ candles.) You can separate like colors into different bowls, but I just throw them all into a large bowl, even the smallest shavings, and pick through them as I need them.

I do mix and match colors.

2. Wash out, and dry thoroughly, all candle jars/holders.

3. Now you are ready to begin. Fill pot(s) about 1/2 way with water and put on stove to boil on high heat. When boiling, reduce to medium heat.

4. While water is boiling, fill each can with the color(s) you wish to start with.

5. Put the cans in the pots and allow the wax to melt, stirring sometimes. Take wicking and dunk each one of the bottoms into melted wax, then put each in the center of one of the jars/holders.

6. Now pour melted wax into jars/holders, leaving a little head space.

7. When solidified, you will want to add just a little more wax to each to even out the surfaces.

*** You can either use just one color, or you can layer the colors by pouring in a little at a time and allowing it to solidify before adding the next layer.


10 Responses to “Homemade Candles from Old Candle Remains”

  1. […] Tuesday, November 25, 2008 by slb725writer Mini Homestead in a Trailer Park has a great way to reuse/recycle all of those leftover candle parts, soup cans, and candle jars/holders. Make your own homemade candles!!!! […]

  2. Kimberley said

    This is a really good idea! I have a whole bag of old candles. I think I’ll try this when I move.

  3. Yes, it has been almost a week since we made ours, and they look great.

  4. […] my daughter and I are making candles from the ends and using the holders. We will give these recycled candles to friends and family as gifts. They loved the idea so much last year, that they want to keep it […]

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  6. […] have cleaned out the candle jars of their wax, in order to make the recycled candles for people. These are gifts that I give at the holidays. The jars themselves need to be […]

  7. […] the Yule celebration, and family will be here for a Christmas celebration. And… we make homemade candles from candle scraps for our loved […]

  8. […] am making homemade baked goods and candles for my loved ones, to be given at Yule and Christmas. This sabbat and holiday are great feasting […]

  9. […] This holiday season has been an enjoyable one. We made food gifts for each family, as well as homemade candles. We did not have as much money to spend on ingredients as we have in the past, so the food gifts […]

  10. […] My daughters also enjoyed making candles from leftover wax and used candle jars. As long as teens are aware of safety measures, this project is a fun one. I was always nearby when […]

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